Well today I had an interview with a company right in the area (no names until I hear back from them). The team was really great and doing some really cool things in their engine... makes me want to kick the Infinigon stuff into fifth gear. But anyways I'm hoping to hear back from them later in the week to see whats going to happen.

I have also just finished revamping my website! Check it out at OptimizeDesign.net, Its got some newer images from what I'm working on right now and some of my traditional stuff. Looking forward to some Sunday soon when I have a chance to head down to Seattle and sketch for the whole day. Get ahold of me if you guys want to go as a group, (mentaly pointing at several Digipen Students.)

As for other interesting things, I've just finished working out the pipeline for brining (to scale) maya files into max, and having them work with whatever rig you might have on a character. Good news for you Juniors. I also finished up the simple quadraped game rig for the projects class and will be starting on blocking out an environment for him. I'm also going to be making available my reference library to anyone who wants it (now looking to be over 13,000 images of characters, creatures, environments, and more.)

Expect an art update soon. I just couldn't wait till then to post.

Current WIPs

Its been a really long time since I've posted anything here. Doing all sorts of work for classes and team projects takes a long....long.....long..... time. So here are some renders of projects that I'm working on. Both Characters in the scenes were painted/modeled by Dan Moyer from Digipen.


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