So, I've finally gotten to the point with my windmill where I feel that I can post updates for it. I think it still needs 10-20 hours of solid work, but it presents as a nice piece. Thank you to Bill Brown from Sucker Punch, and everybody from DigiPen that did a crit on these for me!

Gas Pump Updates

Here are some update shots. I finally figured out how to have transparency maps work with Mental Ray lights and Ray Trace Shadows. OMG what a PAIN! tell me what you think...

Gas Pump

I tried doing this in Max a fairly long time ago... there might even be an image of it left in this blog (not sure). But here is the Maya version! There are only about 10 materials in this scene (Big shout out to those of you at '' , you guys ROCK!). I tried to make everything really cheap so that items could be instanced pretty heavily in either a renderable scene, or game engine. I'm going for a worn and dirty kind of feeling. The next step is to fill in some of the areas yet untextured, and add decals like stickers and grime. I'll update when that's all done.

Another Update

Here is another update for the Windmill that I'm working on.

Woohoo, small update

Here's a small update on the windmill project. This is the beginnings of blocking out the camera (I know I'm gonna get heat from some of you for not doing this earlier... oh well). Now that I've got that started I can begin filling in the rest of the scene. Wish I had more time to devote to this project...

My Current Project

So besides all of the Infinigon work and Real Work that I'm doing, I've got a portfolio piece that I'm working on. Here's a quick Maya render of the file.

So, for those of you interested in what I 'm working on currently, here is a sneak preview. These are a few of the models that I've created for the new street level in the game. As of yet they have temp texture which are kind of ugly (thus why they are not on the models at the moment). Everything in the game is seen mostly the front of the buildings.

I think that working in Maya everyday at Sucker Punch and then coming home to work in Max on this project is eventually going to give me a stroke. Anyways, there are about 10 more building models that I'll be posting when Infinigon is past Alpha and plenty more street related objects as well...


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