Junkyard Population

I've started creating assets for the junkyard level for the game I'm working on. Trying to build models that are low poly and interesting enough that they work well as silhouettes has been a lot of tricky. The next step is building a car and a few other pieces for one. I think ripping apart a Jeep would serve as some personal dramatic irony after everything mine has put me through.

After some of these get put into the engine I'll start painting some textures for them.. With normal mapping as an option, it's gonna be great to add specific detail while keeping things in a comic book type style.


  1. Capt_Squik said...
    I'm excited to see how your textures turn out once you start doing them, because I really liked the textures you did for checkout, and i am interested to see how you do with the comic book style.
    Em said...
    Haha, that's looking sweet so far man. :D Can't wait to see them textured.

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