Team Infinigon

So here is the short after effects animation for FLM 250. The idea behind this is for it to be used as a company name intro. Does that make sense? Let me know what you think of it.

Presentation Material

I wanted to put together some pages for a presentation today. Its some of the concept work I have scattered around my sketchbook. (I'm sooo bad at keeping things in order... it always makes sense to me though). Tell me what you think.

Infinigon Update

I've started laying out the scene so that it looks interesting but not to cluttered to understand. Tell me if you see any tangents, or areas that aren't working, or if you don't know whats going on in a certain situation. The game works from a fixed camera, so the player won't be flying around the scene, but instead sliding from the left to the right. My idea right now is to put some small objects in the foreground to keep an interesting pattern, but not too much that it obscures the player from well... playing.

I took over 1000 photos of my trip this summer. I only saved about 600. Here are some of the cool architecture ones.

Junkyard Population

I've started creating assets for the junkyard level for the game I'm working on. Trying to build models that are low poly and interesting enough that they work well as silhouettes has been a lot of tricky. The next step is building a car and a few other pieces for one. I think ripping apart a Jeep would serve as some personal dramatic irony after everything mine has put me through.

After some of these get put into the engine I'll start painting some textures for them.. With normal mapping as an option, it's gonna be great to add specific detail while keeping things in a comic book type style.

Back to Painting

I was so frustrated from painting my ART 401 piece that I spent about an hour and a half doing some simple studies just to get out some of the kinks from spending 6 weeks in New York.

Tell me what you think, I really value any input you might have! I painted the eyes for convenience sake, expect some building studies next.

So I haven't taken the time to modify this painting yet, but here it is. Expect an update...

My First Post

I've spent at least ten minutes sitting here, writing different posts and deleting them. I always feel like I need to say something momentous the first time... well fuck it.

I suppose the first thing I should post is screen shot of some assets I'm building for the game that I'm working on.


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